I am an interactive media innovator with 20 years' experience leading projects that push the boundaries of new technology for organisations including the BBC, Channel 4, Culture Online and the UK Parliament.

Culture Matters

Culture Matters

This week I’ll be giving a keynote address with Jonathan Drori at the Culture Matters conference in Norwich. The title of our talk is Digital culture: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. There’s a Q+A on the Guardian culture professionals network covering some of the points we’ll talk about, and I’ll post more here and on the Thoughtsmith website after the event.

Television savings

Television savings box

I recently received our new TV licence, and with the New Year schedules kicking off it seemed like a good time to dust off my Margate souvenir television savings box and start popping in a pound or two each time something from the BBC felt like money well spent.

I thought it would be interesting to see how long it took to fill the box with £145.50 (the annual cost of a colour TV licence in the UK). Unfortunately it seems pound coins were invented after television savings boxes as they don’t fit through the slot. So after all that I think I’ll stick to the direct debit.


Last year I pulled together the proposal for a collaborative project between BBC Research and Development and MetaBroadcast which won funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The Automatic Broadcast Content Interlinking Project (ABC-IP for short) is developing advanced text processing techniques to link together incomplete sources of metadata around large video and audio collections. The aim is to work out new ways to unlock archive content and build a range of new services that help audiences find their way around programmes from the BBC and beyond. You can read more by me on the BBC R&D blog about work behind the scenes and check out MetaBroadcast’s blog to see more about the first prototype called Tellytopic.