Perfect pitch black

The picture for this article is a block of colour with no alternate text or title. Assuming you can see it, think about what you would call it before you read on. If you described the colour above to someone else it’s likely they would imagine something quite different. You could describe it as lavender, …

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Sailing by

Most of us can perceive a spectrum of colours ranging from red through to violet, the visible spectrum being just one part of the wider electromagnetic spectrum ranging from radio waves through to gamma rays. As radio waves and light are essentially two different forms of electromagnetic radiation I wanted to consider what it would …

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Violets are blue

The colour violet is intriguing as it’s one we don’t see every day. It’s outside the colour range of television screens and computer monitors, and it can’t be faithfully reproduced by standard colour printing processes. The reason for this is complex but I’ll attempt to explain it in simple terms in one page. In the …

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